I had the same problem, when I was updating version 1.3.0 to 1.4.0.

After checking out to a new directory it works fine.


Am 29.06.2007 um 11:43 schrieb Darryl Cousins:


On Fri, 2007-06-29 at 03:50 -0400, Stephan Richter wrote:
Hello everyone,

again thanks to the great feedback we received -- especially from David Pratt, Roy Mathew, and Joachim Werner -- we were able to fine-tune our new form framework even more to make it as robust of a foundation as possible for your projects! New features include group support, fully internationalized widgets
for number and calendar fields, a richer select widget, refined form
templates, and of course a new demo!

BTW, congratulations to Roger who became father for the third time last

Sincere congratulations indeed!

Again for the curious and impatient ...

There is also a new demo, of course! The "Questionnaire" demo provides a form
for filling out a simple questionaire about someones Zope community
involvement and then provides a very simple results page. Technically this demo (available for the DIV- and Table-based layouts) demonstrates the usage of groups, a new feature of this release, as well as writing attribute value

The questionnaire returned with errors (because groups return
RequiredMissing errors). Should fields be selected to name and age only?
If not, then is there a template registration missing perhaps for the


Paul has made some great progress recently and we have now two demos working, including a fully Javascript-driven calculator. I'll leave it up to Paul to decide whether he wants to make an announcement, but he will be definitely
promoting his work at EuroPython!

<secret>To see the demos: Replace "formdemo" with "formjsdemo" and follow the
instructions above.</secret>

Amazing. It sent me diving into jquery packages. You all have provided a
wonderful set of tools. Thank you. Thank you.




- Feature: The select widget grew a new ``prompt`` flag, which allows you to explicitely request a selection prompt as the first option in the selection (even for required fields). When set, the prompt message is shown. Such a
  prompt as option is common in Web-UIs.

- Feature: Allow "no value message" of select widgets to be dynamically
  changed using an attribute value adapter.

- Feature: Internationalized data conversion for date, time, date/ time, integer, float and decimal. Now the locale data is used to format and parse those data types to provide the bridge to text-based widgets. While those features require the latest zope.i18n package, backward compatibility is

- Feature: All forms now have an optional label that can be used by the UI.

- Feature: Implemented groups within forms. Groups allow you to combine a set of fields/widgets into a logical unit. They were designed with ease of use
  in mind.

- Feature: Button Actions -- in other words, the widget for the button field -- can now be specified either as the "actionFactory" on the button field or
  as an adapter.

- Bug: Recorded all public select-widget attributes in the interface.


- Feature: Registered all defined macros for each form template. Also, added
  more slots to the templates providing more hooks for customization.

- Feature: Added a macro/slot for the "required info", which explains how
  required fields are marked.

- Feature: Added support for form labels.

- Feature: Added support for groups to templates.


- Feature: Added new field "promptChoiceField" to the "All Widgets" demo
  demonstrating the prompt message of the select widget.

- Feature: Increased the integer default value of "All Widgets" demo to show
  off our new internationalized converter.

- Feature: Made ``bytesField`` and ``passwordField`` non-required, since they do not show their default values prohibiting the form to successfully
  submit, which can be annoying when playing around.

- Feature: New "Questionnaire" demo shows how to use groups effectively. It also demonstrates how the label of buttons and widgets can be changed using
  attribute value adapters.



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