hi Florian,

perhaps you should take a look at grok http://grok.zope.org. Look there for grokstar, which is a blog with nearly no user-interface. During the recent grog-sprint at EuroPython in Vilnius, I started working to improve it a little bit. It will soon be checked in.

Florian Lindner schrieb:
I have a rather fundamental problem.

Until now the editor of my bloggin software has added, modified and removed blog entries by logging in to the ZMI and use the filesystem like view there.

This gives me (as the developer) only very limited control about how it is done. For example: A newly created entry should be stored in the subfolder year/month/day/entry_id. I can modify the entry_id by using a NamesChooser adapter but I can't (AFAIK) modify the actual location.

Because of this I want to develop an admin interface. The application generally shoud work stand alone (eg. not integrated in Plone) but should act as a well behaving citizen in the Zope3 world. (make integration easy).

How is this done the best way?

- What skins to use?

- How should authentication be done?
Just rely on the authentication source being around and use it with getUtility(IAuthentication)?

- How to design my ZPTs to make them fit in the skin/interface?

- What else to pay attention to?

Thanks for all tips!

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