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I'm looking for packages to ease integration of SQLAlchemy and Zope3.
I found the two references listed into this message's subject and was
wondering if there was any link between then, if both of them are
up-to-date and actively maintained, and what where the benefits of using
any or both of them...

z3c.sqlalchemy (written by myself) is actively maintained in will be used
in several upcoming projects. The goals and usecases covered by z3c.sqlalchemy are documented on the cheeseshop project page. z3c.zalchemy isn't actively maintained as far from what I heard some weeks ago. z3c.zalchemy tries to approach problems I did not have or I did not understand. It's a bit more Zope 3 oriented while z3c.sqlalchemy works
fine on Zope 2 and Zope 3. To add another choice: collective.lead by
Martin Aspeli.


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