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On Monday 30 July 2007 09:59, Jeff Shell wrote:
Last time I checked, which I admit has been a while, buildout didn't
provide any examples of how to transition into buildout style
I agree we are totally lacking At the one end we push hard for people
to use eggs -- even make the Zope 3 trunk checkout totally useless --
and on the other hand we are providing zero documentation on how to
get started.

Getting started as eggs is one thing. Moving code that is not in an
egg format is another, particularly in a system like CVS which is
brain dead about directories. But I think I just need to revisit the
CVS manual for this.

I don't think you really need to move anything. Just add a to your package. THis may be a bit unusual (usually the lives in the parent folder, next to the package, or even higher if you have a 'src' directory), but having it in the package should work, too.

We're stuck with CVS for now, for better or worse. And my vague
understanding of development eggs (which is next to nil) is that
they're biased towards SVN. With good reason, I guess, since SVN
changeset numbers apply to whole checkouts versus CVS's individual
file versioning. But I may be wrong about this.

You're confusing

* an egg that is downloaded not from a tarball but by checking out some svn repository URL (I find this a weird feature of setuptools), and

* a development egg which is just a package somewhere in your development sandbox that has a This package gets a symlink somewhere in site-packages so that setuptools recognizes it as an egg, but the source stays wherever you want to work on it. You can maintain the source in CVS, svn, bzr, ...

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