I am aware that a lot of fancy stuff can be done with zc.buildout,
however I am just starting...

I found Benji's blogs a good entry point:
[1] http://baijum81.livejournal.com/19795.html
[2] http://baijum81.livejournal.com/20551.html

I got z3hello running - hey, that was not to hard - and decided to use
that as a starting point / playground for my own experiments: mydemo,
just doing some trivial changes:

* rename z3hello to mydemo throughout
* removing the .svn subdirectories
  (I am not checking anything in, nor do I want svn to get confused
  should I later check in to somewhere)
* remove the urls: neither do I want my demo to be registered in pypi 
  (yet) nor somehow uploaded to Benjis place
* etc.

So I now have my own little buildout mydemo to play with.

Cautious as I am I save that as a Skeleton
  $ cp -rp mydemo mydemo-skeleton
i. e. *before* running the following cmds in mydemo
  $ python bootstrap.py
  $ /bin/buildout -N
  $ /bin/instance start

no I can go to: http://localhost:8080/mydemo
And the page says "Hello"

Now being a programmer I make only a little change
to make my page say "Hello from Rx" and save that,

I could go own from here making changes till I got
a full blown application.

However at this point I want to make sure I can get
back to the original mydemo layout (before bootstrapping/starting)
i. e. I want some way to save my work in a directory say mydemo1
that is nearly identical to the original:
  $ diff -f mydemo-skeleton mydemo1
should only reflect my change: "Hello" -> "Hello from Rx"

roughly "make clean" if I was using make

some ideas:

* $ ./bin/buildout setup . sdist
  somehow produces an egg in dist/mydemo-0.1.tar.gz
  but that has not the other files: bootstrap.py, bootstrap.py,

* I saw fancy uninstall recipes in Jim's slides
  - do I really those?

* or uninstall_service in entry points - 
  - not sure yet what entry points are good for

* there should be some easy way to clean up?

Totally different question:

When using a zope from svn I could watch the log file z3.log
$ tail -f z3.log
while I was (re)starting/stopping the daemon
that was convenient

What needs to be done to make Benji's z3hello log to some file?



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