David Johnson wrote:
Hello. I am heading the engineering for JSA Technologies in the United States. We are building an application in Zope 3 that will link colleges and universities around the world on a financial network. We are looking for Zope 3 contractors to help us complete the project. The project may include, hardware, software, and lots of networking.

We are looking to start ASAP, and the project will last 1-6 months. We would expect you to work from your own location. There is no travel required or special hours. We may hire some people for a longer time.

Please contact me directly if you are interested. If you have any specialties, please let me know.

Hi David,

I do Zope 3 contract work on a regular basis, so I'd be interested in this. Can you share some more details about the project? What kind of work do you need to be done?

Best regards


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