On Thursday 09 August 2007 22:14, Andrew Groom wrote:
> I've been battling with formlib for the last three days now and, while
> I've learnt a lot, it's nearly driven me crazy. I'm trying to use it to
> create simple search form, i.e., a form that does input validation,
> remembers the values you entered, etc., but is not tied to a persisted
> object.
> I've got the form rendering and processing requests, but I'm completely
> stuck on getting the form to remember the values I just entered after a
> form post.
> Has anyone got any suggestions ? Here's what I've got so far, the latest
> attempt being to use a dummy object to provide the context, which also
> doesn't seem to work:

Unfortunately, I cannot help you here, since I have been using z3c.form 
recently (of course). z3c.form is better documented and provides the hooks I 
think you are looking for here. For example, the context for the form -- 
called content within z3c.form -- can be overwritten by implementing a custom 
``getContent()`` method. If you do that, you can store your info in a session 
for example.

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