On Tuesday 24 July 2007 12:30, Otto van der Meer wrote:
> The idea is that many residents of a house have a single user account
> (nature of app).
> and that the names of the residents are associated with the account so
> they can be used in the application.
> Therefor the house would be the Principal I think, but what to do with the
> names of the
> residents, put them in the principal metadata or as an attribute of
> Principal?

The way you attach information on a principal is to use principal annotations. 
BTW, the homefoler implementation 
(http://svn.zope.org/zope.app.homefolder/trunk/) is a great example of how to 
associate additional information with a principal.

> To use the names in the form (As a choice), i've learned they have to be
> in vocabulary,
> but how do I get these names in the vocubulary after the Principal is
> authenticted?

You probably want to store the resident names in the principal annotation and 
then create a vocabulary that uses the principal annotation to build terms.

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