Am Donnerstag, den 09.08.2007, 14:32 +0530 schrieb Shailesh Kumar:
> Hi,
> Just another quick question on this. Is there any plan for new bug fix
> releases of 3.3 branch? or Will the next releases be on the 3.4
> branch?

Zope 3.4 will receive a release candidate soon, but we need to do some
more bugfixing. (If anybody is interested, help on fixing open bugs is
always appreciated.)

Zope 3.3 is currently maintained and will receive bugfix releases as
necessary. The 3.3 branch might already incorporate fixes that haven't
been released yet. In general, branches are maintained as long as their
are people contributing fixes, the minimum amount of versions we support
is two (currently Zope 3.3 and Zope 3.2).


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