We're working on something where we need to allow site visitors to
rate items. It's the basic star-rating thing. We want to keep a count
of the number of votes along with the current value.

Since these are relatively small values - an integer and a float -
that may be changing often, what is the best way to handle them
efficiently so that the ZODB only keeps historical changes on those
two items (ie - changing them does not mean that the item which is
being voted on has changed)?

I was thinking of something like BTrees.Length.Length, but I'm not
sure it's the right solution (I don't understand the implications of
'_p_independent', and some quick glancing around the web makes it
appear as though you wouldn't want to count on a Length object for
business logic).

Would an annotation or tiny sub-object with two fields, the int and
float, be enough?

Jeff Shell
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