Jeff Shell wrote:
My office's migration to eggs and the like is going slowly (too much
other work to do). However, I'm trying to do new work in the 'right'
way and use eggs and buildouts for making small reusable packages. I
did such a package yesterday and it works like a champ on its own:
buildout can get everything it needs to run the tests, the tests have
100% coverage (yay!), etc.

But now I'd like to be able to install that into "classic" zope 3.3
instance homes, trying to be as unobtrusive as possible.

How have you installed other packages before? I suspect by just dumping their source in INSTANCE/lib/python. Any reason not to continue to do that?

I tried using '' and it looked like a decent
solution...for a moment. However, when I try to install my component
it then starts trying to install the dependencies. Even when I specify
'--no-deps' to easy_install.

Sounds like a bug in easy_install or workingenv then...

Since the Zope 3.3 installation satisfies most of my component's
dependencies, I don't want it fetching everything else. But I do want
it to get those pieces for testing, etc. I've worried about this issue
for a while -- how to get setuptools to ignore dependencies that are
satisfied by some big installation like Zope 3.3.

In my, should I move all of my 'install_requires' bits that
are satisfied by a regular Zope installation into an 'extras_require'?

That seems backward. If you want to install an package into a "classic" environment, it doesn't seem that surprising you'll also have to do it the "classic" way...

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