Hi!I'm slowly getting more into Zope3 and now I'm trying to implement
multiple catalogs spread across several containers. My use case
(simplified): I have a bunch of Network instances (containers) which contain
potentially a lot of content objects.
I don't like the idea of having one huge catalog to query since you are not
interested in searching globally,only within one Network.

Would it make sense to make each Network instance a local site and register
a catalog in this site?
Or perhaps skip making the Network a site and just put the catalog in an
attribute Network.catalog, maybe less overhead but a problem with this
solution is you'd have to do some parent-traversal to find the site manager,

Any opinions on these solutions, or perhaps a totally different idea?

If the site idea is prefered, would that impose any difficulties of having a
site in the root folder that handles the intids, since the content objects
can be moved between networks I'd want the intids to be handled globally.

Thanks for your time
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