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a container is an object.

It's being modified by the sake of its content changing.

Yeah, but the reason there's two types of events would probably be so you can differentiate between them with subscribers.

The inheritence structure and nature of how adapters/subscribers works seems to be sub-optimal, especially for my use case, which I suspect may be a common one: the set of operations you want to do when a container's properties change doesn't have much intersection with those you want to do when the contents of a container changes.

Better way? The only better way, really, would be doing a re-dispatch. Or fire off your own event when you modify other properties on a container.

Indeed. I think a better long term solution would be to have ContainerModified be seperate from ObjectModified, no?

Or kick all of the code that sends modified events so that they send along descriptions of what has changed.

You're still filtering then, and I don't think we want ot be filtering in that way here...



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