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> On Aug 20, 2007, at 3:45 AM, "Jeremy Cook" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
> > Is anyone using Kupu (or any other visual editor) with zope3? I saw 
> > hints that it might be ported to zope3 or conversely that 
> "kupu must 
> > die". When I tried installing it under zope3 I didn't get 
> awfully far.
> I tried and tried to use Kupu, and it was damn near 
> impossible. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. Which is too 
> bad - the editor itself is great. But integrating it into 
> custom environments was waaaaay too difficult.

absolutly, I whould also never do it again ;-)

Does the Kupu for Zope3 version which Dominik and I 
implemented not exist anymore? We implemented a Kupu 
editor version at a sprint 1 1/2 year ago for Zope3.

As far as I can remember the code should live in the 
Kupu repos. Hm, or not because we didn't have access
to codespeak, I don't right now. Let me know if you can't 
find some Zope3 Kupu code and really think you need to 
implement it.

> We went with TinyMCE. It gets the job done. I yearn for more though.  
> Kupu's ability to have link and image browsers is great. 
> TinyMCE has them available, but as commercial add-ons.

Hmm, I really need to move our image and file browser add-on
which uses the z3c.resource to the zope repos once.

Roger Ineichen

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