On 8/24/07, Andreas Reuleaux <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> from zope.security.proxy import removeSecurityProxy
> price=removeSecurityProxy(proxiedPrice)

Yes, it works fine. Thanks.

However it would mean that I have to add a view class to all my
objects which contains a decimal attribute, and add
removeSecurityProxy to all decimal attributes that I wish to present
through the web? That would be too much unnecessary duplicate code,
since I am trying to build a web shop with Zope3, in which the decimal
type is almost everywhere.

I read in several places that the Security Proxy is supposed only to
wrap mutable objects. Integer and float for example shall not to be
proxied. But a decimal.Decimal is also immutable,  why is it  wrapped

Is there an easier way to go around this, like to tell security proxy
not to wrap all decimal objects?

Hong Yuan

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