Le lundi 27 août 2007 à 15:22 -0700, Roman Budzianowski a écrit :
> Hi,
> I am following the book by Philipp von Weitershausen (2005) using an
> installation of zope 3.31 on Linux.
> I cannot locate in the zmi the interface browser shown on page 58.
> There are other tabs shown there like Tasks and Services.
> I don't see them either.
> Is my installation incorrect, or all of this has been removed since
> the book publication? Thanks for help.


You probably have the first edition of Philipp's book, which describes
Zope X3, an old release of Zope.
Many changes have occured since this release ; you may get the second
(excellent !) edition of his book, published in 2007, which is based on

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