Seems like you're trying to manipulate a string (a URL?) to do
translation within it, in which case you shouldn't do this within your
TAL, but instead have a separate piece of logic to do it (Python Script
for example).

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We have some translation keys with variables embedded in HTML
I can't find a syntax that would let me use those keys as well as
replace the variables.

Here's an example problem translation message:

        a msgid: <a href="/?lang=${lang}">home</a>

I've been experimenting with Zope 3's i18n:translate="" attribute, and
it works great for translating raw HTML.  So this key works:

        a msgid: <a href="/somewhere/">la-la land</a>

The way to insert variables into an i18n:translate="" string is using
some container object that gets tal:replace'd with some variable, and
that specifies with i18n:name what variable name it replaces.  And
indeed, that works.  But what about the case where a variable is
embedded in the query string, which is inside an attribute, as I
mentioned above?  The closest I've come to expressing that is this:

        <a href="<span i18n:name='lang' tal:content='view/target_lang'

That's pretty awful, and Zope retaliates by thinking I want to ask the
i18n system for this:

         <a href="&lt;span i18n:name='lang'
tal:content='view/target_lang' /&gt;">home</a>

So, how do I get what I actually wanted? (-:

This would be easier if you could specify variable expansions in the
same tag as you do i18n:translate="", like the "tal:interpolate"
suggestion at

Let me apologize for this question.  It's an ugly position we're in, but
it is a real one, so I still think it's worth asking.  Thanks!

-- Asheesh.

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