In many applications members can add content but with the restriction that it needs to be confirmed by a manager before it becomes "active" and accessible to anybody else. I'm trying to accomplish this with an idea of mine, but I'm very open to other ideas of course :) Basically, lets say I have a site 'mysite' and an item container 'items'. And an Item is the content component of my app. When people add items in


... my idea is that it is then actually only added e.g in an 'unconfirmed' folder in the site manager of mysite. This, I'm trying to achieve by subclassing AddForm and overriding the add method (since add is the only
interesting here, the rest is dotted in the code below:)):

class ItemMemberAddForm(AddForm):
    form_fields = ...
    label = ...

    def create(self, data):

    def add(self, object):
        con = queryUtility(IItemContainer, u'unconfirmed')
o = IAdding(con).add (object) # How to add it??
        self._finished_add = True
        return o

The 'unconfirmed' folder is registered as a utility for easy access. Obviously the code above isn't working
and i'm not even sure I know what I'm doing with the IAdding :O
I think I'm in the difficult phase of the Z-learning curve... just learnt the basics and now anything beyond the
basics seem really complicated :)
When I do manage to pull this off, it shouldn't be too hard moving confirmed objects to /mysite/items (I looked at zope.copypastemove for this, but first I want to get the adding working..)

Any thoughts on my idea/code or any other things related to confirming member generated content are very
much appreciated!

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