For now, anyway.  There is work going on, but it is not ready yet.

Well, it was an interesting experiment, and I thought I would write it
up for the group.

Gentoo recently made 2.5 the system default python.  I have been a
couple of days trying to track down why things had broken.  Yes, I know
-- system default python is bad, but I compile it all (it's Gentoo!), so
the UCS2 vs UCS4 thing is not a problem, etc., etc.

Anyway, I turned out to be experimenting with several things all at once:

1.  gcc 4.2.0

2.  UCS4 default vs. UCS2 (has is always been this way in Gentoo?
Apparently, you can set this to UCS2 if you know what you are doing.  I
wonder how you would know that you know what you are doing?)

3.  using zopeproject instead of my own attempt at a buildout recipe
(highly recommended!  Thanks, Philipp!)

4.  Plus, what turned out to be the culprit, python2.5.1

5.  And, of course, I am using a 64-bit OS, which you cannot discount as
a possible source for things going wrong.

I was getting tracebacks that ended with



an error where UserDict does not have attribute "data".

So, if you see these errors, fret not. Zap your broken new Data.fs files
and go back to python-2.4 for your zope3 instances.

With hopes that this saves someone else some frustration,

-Jim Washington

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