I recently switched to use zope3 as a library instead as a big
application where you hook your webapp. Thanks to Philipp for his great

Now I miss something from the old 'bin/runzope' days. I liked how you
could run an interactive debug session using zope.app.debug.Debugger and
the command 'bin/zopectl debug'.

I'm willing to contribute something to zopeproject to add this feature
but I'm not quite sure about where to start.

I guess at least an egg with an entry point that starts the debugger and
another part for the buildout.cfg that uses the zc.recipe.egg recipe and
that egg need to be done.

Something I don't understand about the current buildout.cfg file is how
this part

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs = PruebasZ3

ends creating the paster script in the bin directory. I guess I need
something similar to be able to run the debugger.

Can anybody give me a clue?


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