In learning Zope 3 I'm now trying to expand the worldcookery app. So let's say we have a recipe site like in
the worldcookery book. If we now have a few recipe containers:


As it is right now, you can only post a recipe in one of them. But what if we would want to post a recipe that is both Indian and Kosher? We would have to post it twice, not very nice. I have a few possible solutions that I'd like to discuss with you. As I have only just recently finished the worldcookery book I have very limited experience of how to do things in a "real" system so my ideas
might be bizarre :)

(1). Have a new attribute in IRecipe, e.g groups, which is a list of groups where this recipe belong to. The actual recipes are then all instead stored in /recipes. And accessing /group/Indian be kind of like a search
query with "indian" implied"..

(2). Have a local catalog in each group (indian, veg., kosher..) and when a recipe is added to /recipes it is then indexed in the appropiate local catalogs. I know you loose the easy doing of global searching but on the other hand you don't get one gigantic catalog (don't know if big catalog is that much of a problem anyway..?)

Number 1 seems simple but I am worried (justified?) about the huge catalog. Number 2 seems nice smaller catalogs but a little more complex, and you get redundant info when a recipe belongs to several groups (indexed
in all its groups).

Also, how would you reference a group if you have a "groups" attribute? By its intid? Weakref?


PS Thx for the quick and good answers on hurry.workflow earlier!
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