I developed my Vice outbound syndication library on z3.3 (originally) using the full tarball of z3.3. I now want to move to a buildout-based, eggified method of developing and testing Vice.

I use functional tests (using zope.testbrowser.testing.Browser) in Vice. These functional tests log into the zmi, create some folders and files, syndicate them, read the resulting feed, and verify that it is correct.

The problem is that I don't know how much of zope.app these tests depend on. Very few eggs are actually required by imports in Vice. But the library is not much use (and there's not much to test) without a pretty thorough install, I suspect. Should I be attempting to grab all the zope eggs and making a replica of the full install? Or should I be trying to judiciously minimize the eggs that I use for testing? And what is the best way to go about whichever of these paths I should follow?

I *really* like the buildout approach. It would just be even nicer if I knew of some way to have buildout replicate the entire Zope app server ecosystem for testing without having to specify the eggs one ... by ... one.



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