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The problem is that I don't know how much of these tests depend on. Very few eggs are actually required by imports in Vice. But the library is not much use (and there's not much to test) without a pretty thorough install, I suspect. Should I be attempting to grab all the zope eggs and making a replica of the full install?


Or should I be trying to judiciously minimize the eggs that I use for testing?


And what is the best way to go about whichever of these paths I should follow?

I suppose you can do this inductively (start ftesting.zcml from scratch) or deductively (start out with a full-fledged ftesting.zcml and remove things).

If you want to do things inductively, there are a few hints I can give you:

* If vice depends on the configuration of another package, but always assumed that this package's configuration was being loaded by Zope 3.3's site.zcml, make this dependency *explicit* now in vice's configure.zcml. For example, let's say that vice needs the intid utility and event subscriber registrations to be active, then it should do:

  <include package="" />

at the top of vice/configure.zcml. This will probably add more explicit depenencies to vice than you currently have (they should also go into Note that you won't have to worry about ZCML being loaded several times. It won't be, zope.configuration makes sure of that.

* ftesting.zcml should <include package="vice" /> somewhere, therefore load all of its direct dependencies anyway. Then you should check which dependencies your tests have. You mention folders and other things. So you probably want to include (which is the old '') because that pretty much loads the basic Zope 3 stuff.

* Don't forget to load the meta stuff first. This usually boils down to:

    <include package="" file="meta.zcml" />
    <include package="zope.i18n" file="meta.zcml" />
    <include package="" file="meta.zcml" />

  and the security policy's meta.zcml if you want to define roles:

    <include package="" file="meta.zcml" />

* You'll need to define a security policy. Usually we take for that:

  <include package="" />
      component="" />

Then you want to define the standard principals that are needed in ftests (anonmyous, the manager, etc.). Look at Zope 3.3's ftesting.zcml for those (incl. the grants).

I *really* like the buildout approach. It would just be even nicer if I knew of some way to have buildout replicate the entire Zope app server ecosystem for testing without having to specify the eggs one ... by ... one.

I think it's much better to sit down for a moment and *just* load the things you really need in tests. Usually this leads to much better tests. May I just remind of the horrid PloneTestCase which people have simply started using for every tests, which has cause Plone tests to be poorly isolated, quite slow and depend on much too many things at once.

The path to a truly eggified system is to think about dependencies and write good tests that only load a minimum load of dependencies. This is not a trivial task. Testing never is. And I don't think there's a silver bullet, either.

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