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On Friday 14 September 2007 06:05, Maken Seteva wrote:
Opening up a new thread since the old one is using some old ideas,
but still thanks to Douglas for replying :)
What I'm really trying to do is probably analogous to the buzzword
"tagging". In other words a component can have
a list of keywords that describe it. I saw Jeff's sketchy solution in
another thread but he basically used dublincore..
I want to implement it with my own annotations. Here's my idea:

Your solution is very inefficient. lovely.tag, which Bernd points to, is very efficient having a real tagging engine that quickly computes clouds and other
statistical measures.

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Hi stephan,
I think my intent was lost somewhere along the way. What really i want to do isn't really tagging
where a lot of users can tag an object after it has been created.

Instead i simply want _exactly_ like the zopedublincore "subjects" but with my Word() instead of
TextLine() absolutely nothing else should be assumed :)

thanks for your replies
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