xor exor wrote:
Hi i'm trying some of the doc tests in the modules,but everytime i try to use TestRequest igot lots of errors.

Which ones? We can't help you w/o error descriptions (and don't expect anybody to execute some random code of yours, it just takes way too long).

My code is :

from zope import interface
from zope import schema

class IKisi(interface.Interface ):
    """ Insan evladi"""
first=schema.TextLine(required=False,title=u'First Name')
    last=schema.TextLine(required=True,title=u'Last Name')

class Dataci(object):
    """ Bisiler yapcak iste insan falan"""
def getData(self):
        global name
        return {'first':name[0],'last':name[1]}
def setData(self,data):
        global name
return u'Saved changes' if __name__=="__main__":
    from zope.app.form.browser.formview import FormView

zope.app.form isn't actively used anymore. I suggest using zope.formlib or z3c.form instead.

    View = type('View', bases=(Dataci, FormView),dict={'schema': IKisi})

Shrug! Why are you doing this instead of simply inheriting "Dataci" from FormView, e.g.:

  class Dataci(FormView):
      schema = IKisi

    print View
from zope.publisher.browser import TestRequest
    print view

What is the problem???

I don't know, you haven't said anything about a problem. You just pasted code.

Note that you probably want to say

  print view()

at the end. View objects need to be called to obtain their output.

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