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Hi everyone,

I'm just trying to install z3c.from to try it. From its directory i excuted the command : "sudo python setup.py install" to install it and it installed lots of eggs files (most of them zope 3.4).

If you install it that way, you will invariably get all its egg dependencies, which means Zope 3.4.x as you observed correctly. Either way, doing a global install is probably the worst thign you can do (see below).

Either you

a) stay on Zope 3.3 and *don't* install z3c.form via setuptools. Simply copy the package to $INSTANCE/lib/python. That requires, of course, that z3c.form actually works on Zope 3.3.

b) move to eggified Zope 3.4. The easiest way to do this is to use zopeproject: http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi/zopeproject

Install zopeproject as mentioned on the page. Then invoke the 'zopeproject' script to create a sandbox, which is like an instance. Finally, proceed with the instructions in the "Adding dependencies to the application" section.

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