Philipp von Weitershausen schrieb:
zopeproject makes it easy to get started with a web application based on
Zope eggs, zc.buildout and WSGI/Paste. If you're not familiar with this
world yet, zopeproject is your easy entry to it. If you are, zopeproject
will save you lots of typing up the boilerplate.

Thank you for developing zopeproject, this is very useful.

With zopeproject's approach, *your code* is the application. The web
application, to be precise. And it *happens* to use Zope. As a library::

  +------------+           +-------------+          +---------+
  |WSGI gateway|  serves   |  your code  |   uses   |  Zope   |
  |  (server)  |  ------>  |(application)|   ---->  |libraries|
  +------------+           +-------------+          +---------+

Now for that part - one of my use cases would be to allow XML-RPC access only throughout the app. How would you setup the application with and without security support, disabling all other protocols defined in the publisher and the ZMI altogether ?



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