Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:
Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Yes, I've run into that before as well. As Stefan already pointed out, virtualenv [1] is great way to create a "virtual" Python installation that behaves like a Python installation except that it's just a bunch of symlinks and *won't* modify the global installation.

This is how I do it ( is from the virtualenv tarball):

  $ python env
  $ cd env
  $ bin/easy_install zopeproject
  $ bin/zopeproject HelloWorld


The other difficulty is that my system (Gentoo ~x86) is python-2.5, and so
I am obliged to use the non-system python in any case. The above would
work for this.

I wouldn't recommend using system python anyway.

Is there a pro/con list to including a in zopeproject for the
other way of using buildout?

I don't quite understand. zopeproject works completely without needing After calling zopeproject, you end up with a completely bootstrapped *and* installed buildout sandbox.

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