Couple of questions:

When I use zopeproject to create a project, the project name and the package 
name are the same... ie:
Can I override this to get a package name that is different than the project 

Also, when I run bin/test, I get:
  Running tests at level 1
  Running tests:
    Set up Traceback (most recent call 
 line 539, in include
 line 427, in openInOrPlain
  IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 

However, I find that there is such an ftesting.zcml file - just not in the 
"right" place.
Symlinking/copying it solves the problem:

 ln -s $HOME/py24/MYPROJ/src/MYPROJ/ftesting.zcml 

What gives?

Thanks for your responses...
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