Use Plone, best for Intranet.

Matias Emanuel Surdi wrote:
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> I've posted this same message on grok-devel mailing list.
> I'm just looking for comments from the other side 
> Thanks a lot in advance.
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> Hi,
> I'm going to start a new project in a few weeks and I'm evaluating possible
> frameworks to use.
> My best candidate at the momment is Zope 3, since I have a couple of years
> of experience with Python and Zope 3 provides most things I will need (such
> as authentication, templates, database access, workflows, etc..).
> We are going to build an intranet portal, where each department of the
> company (a software development one)  has it's own area, and the
> application should provide applications for the needs of everyone, we need
> a bug tracking system, a support platform for our customers, a knowledge
> base for our employees and customers, an many other applications...
> So, I've no experience with Zope nor Grok.
> I would like to receive some advice about choosing Grok or Zope. I think
> Grok is more easy to start with, but... ┬┐will it in the future put any
> limit on a very big intranet application for an entire company?
> Thanks for your comments.

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