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> Is it possible to register two different views for the Book, one for
> display in shelf, another for the detailed view? The one for the
> detailed view is simply a BrowerPage, but how to do the book-in-shelf
> view?

Exactly the same way.

> I'd like for my shelf template to look something like this:
> <div tal:repeat="book shelf/books">
>   <div tal:replace="structure book/in-shelf-view />
> </div>
> Then I can maybe register different in-shelf-view's for different type
> of shelves.
> I tried registering a browser:view named 'in-shelf-view' for IBook. It
> doesn't work, because TALES doesn't know about the view.

You just need another browser:page here. Name it 'in-shelf-view' and
use something like

 <div tal:replace="structure book/@@in-shelf-view" />

to embed it.

Registering the view for different "shelves" is possible, too. But this not
a simple view anymore - it's a "Multiview". You need an adapter for
(book,shelve,request) to do that which means, a simple browser:page won't
work and you'll be not able to use the object/@@view notation for that.


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