I am reading Phillips book and the internationalization chapter is very extensive but it does not talk about how to manage content like in vocabularies which gets added as time progress.

Let's say i have a vocabulary with a list of kitchen tools that is initially empty. I continuously add new strings to this vocabulary via ZMI, but how can i get multi-language support? It should have fallback
support to english.

Does zope3 have a finished package for this?
If not, how could i make this work? Do i need one utility for the vocabulary which stores messageids
like "FORK", "FPAN" and another one with translations?

tools = {
                'en':u'Frying pan'

>>> print mytranslationfunction('FORK','de')
>>> print mytranslationfunction('FPAN','de')
Frying pan

No, this doesn't sound like a good idea.. so any guidelines or pointers are highly appreciated. Looking
forward to a nice discussion on this!

My best regards
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