Benji York wrote:
Derek Richardson wrote:
So, is there an easy way to do it? I know I can write a recipe, but a recipe seems heavyweight for this. It seems to me that access to these two values should be built into buildout as implicit variables. Is this contrary to the lightweight, pluggable design philosophy?

The way we've handled similar needs is to require the user to enter that kind of information in their default.cfg. That way you don't have to sniff the environment, and the user has explicit control over what values buildout sees.

Yeah, that explicit control is nice. But I want the easy case to be easy - just svn co the buildout and run, no edits. So I modified the recipe to take a user. If the user is supplied, it returns the same user. If the user is not supplied, it returns the current user. And, in any case, it returns the group for that user, which I don't want to specify separately.

Oh, I just realized, you said *default*.cfg, not *buildout*.cfg. Hadn't thought of that - that's even nicer. I will change my buildout to reflect that.

However, it is only an in-house standard. Which is not to say it's a bad idea, it's only to say 'if this is the best solution, then should we standardize it across all buildouts, not just individual organizations?' Then, when I check out a buildout, I can be guaranteed that it will have access to the account I want it to have, if it needs an account for anything.


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