Benji York wrote:
Stephan Richter wrote:
2. How many packages should be controlled in this index? I think we should definitely add packages from z3c and the zc namespace.

What is the motivation to include non-controlled packages? I suppose it is to let people use those packages with (in this case) Zope 3.4. What if someone wants Zope 3.4 and Twisted version X and Plone version Y (just making those up). Perhaps we need a way to refer to several KGS when constructing an application. Or is one KGS supposed to define a "universe" of packages known to work together. If so, I would think there would be no place for non-controlled packages.

A feature to combine lists of versions is definitely needed. I may be a developer of an application that uses both Grok and KSS, for instance. This can be solved by me maintaining my own list, but I'd prefer to rely on two lists that are already there.

That's the application developer's case. The framework developer's case requires me to publish such combined lists. If I have my own framework on top of Grok and KSS, I'd like to publish a list that's a combination of those without having to copy them.



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