Hello zope3-users,
I'm having some problems trying to figure out how let every member of my site have a designated "area". In this area a "blog" folder will be created when the user is created (where the user can post blogitems). It would be nice if it can be
accessed like this:


I have my authenticator plugin in pau['users'] at the moment.
If I put my SignupPrincipalFolder (from worldcookery) outside the pau it doesn't seem to work, I get a "TypeError: Signup requires a sign-up capable athenticator plugin."

Also, can you just make customize the InternalPrincipal that is added so that it acts as a folder as well (where you would add the blog folder). Or maybe
annotations.. not sure how effective this is.

So, any guidelines on how to get a "user area" for each member? Pointers and
suggestions highly appreciated as usual!

I wish you all a pleasent week
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