Hi all,
I see job postings on the plone list from time to time so I hope you
don't mind running these by eveyone on the list.  The company I work for
has hired this company to find a few good coders

For #72, you have to have hard core PHP and MySQL experience - I know
it's not zope3 or even python, but I didn't think it would hurt to
mention it.

For #74, any RAD frame work will do - but I can say that python based
frameworks like Zope3 - Zope3 and Grok, django, etc would work really well.

If you're interested in responding but have any questions, feel free to
respond to me off of the list.   If I shouldn't post these here anymore
- please feel free to flame me and I won't do it again :-)


p.s. Don't hate me for cross posting ways to make money doing cool
things like working with zope3

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