Fred Drake wrote:
On 10/12/07, Raphael Ritz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Last time this came up here (which is quite a while ago) this was
not supported. Don't know if that changed.

This isn't currently part of zope.schema.

But maybe that will change one day?

Exactly what the right
thing is isn't clear (at least to me).

it's hard indeed

Sometimes, when filling in forms, the default value can reasonably be
computed before the initial display,

so that could be handled by something like a 'default_method'
meaning something that gets evaluated *before* the add form gets
even rendered. Obviously there are limits to what the method
can depend upon.

and at other times is needs to
happen when the form is processed at the end.

Or maybe even in-between (like after some other information
has been given) ...

In Archetypes we have the MasterSelectWidget
for such things.

 This might be because
the default value requires other inputs as part of the computation, or
because it's time-sensitive.

If it's purely dependent on other input then I wouldn't call it a
default anymore but rather an "inferred value" (or whatever you may
want to call it). Again, in Archetypes, we have the so-called
"ComputedField" for such things.

Now why am I quoting Archetypes here several times?
Firstly, because that is something I'm somewhat familiar
with because I've been using it for 5 years now (and contributing
every now and then ...).

But more importantly this is because I want to convey the message
that while we - the Plone community - are eagerly wanting to move
forward and to adopt more and more of what Zope 3 has to offer we
still have a hard time advocating the move away from Archetypes to

One reason being that even today there is no library in zope that
would contain a variety of widgets rich enough to offer what
Archetypes provides since years. This simply doesn't make it easier
to move away from Archetypes. (and of course I know that I can
always write my own widgets but that's not the point here)

Raphael (in his Friday afternoon - in Stockholm actually evening -
rant mode; sorry)


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