Jesper Petersen wrote:
Thanks for your replies Philipp and Brandon,
Things are more clearly now :) So zopeproject _only_ deals with setting up the environment for you, when you run buildout eggs actually get installed. And, I don't need zopeproject on my hosting machine at all, I just test and develop on my personal machine and when ready, I install it as an egg on the host and run it.

Pretty much. Typically, the sandbox that zopeproject generates is checked in to a version-control system and then deployed on the server, or on other developers' machines for testing. To "revive" such a checked-in sandbox (generate scripts, download dependency eggs, etc.), you'd use buildout. zopeproject is indeed out of the loop at this point.

Now I have the boring task of converting my old webapp done in 3.3.1 to an egg with all dependencies. Is there a way that can aid me in adding dependencies?

Grep for imports. Or use zope.dependencytool or zope.importtool (no idea what the difference between those is).

As it is now I see this in front of me..

1. Look at all imports to see what I need
2. Add them in configure.zcml with <include>
3. Add them in


I can also see 'file="meta.zcml"' in some includes, how would I know when to specifically include a file or not? Having to look at the zope tree for files seems kind of awkward.

zopeproject pretty much gives you the standard set of meta.zcml includes.

Also, say that I use, how would I know wether to include or as a dependency? I could do a simple search on pypi for this but it seems kind of time consuming.

Normally you'd only have to include

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