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Am 06.11.2007 um 13:02 schrieb Jesper Petersen:

I recently moved my webapp from z3.3.1 tarball to all eggs. It's working great except for my securitypolicy, which seems to sort of half-work. For example, earlier an authenticated member could view http://myhost/mysite/@@footest.html with and without the "@@" but now it's only viewable
with them.

Note that with the "@@" you traverse the view via the 'view' namespace traverser defined by the zope.traversing package, without them Zope uses the ItemTraverser defined by the zope.app.container package. Both traversers perform an adapter lookup for your view 'footest.html'. One possible reason for your problem might be that the security declarations for the traversers themselves differ.

Markus Kemmerling
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