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As of now, I am thinking of a following solution. For the current upgrade, I will have some code which will automatically evolve the existing installation during startup (i.e. DatabaseOpenedEvent) and actually assign a generation number in the root[generations_key]['product_name'] key.

In the later upgrades, I will replace this with the regular schema manager.

Comments from the zope 3 experts would be very useful.

well this is a real flaw with generations ...

in our projects we always add an initial .generations package to avoid such cases, you can do this too, but it needs an intermediate version but no "dummy" schema manager.

in generations/__init__.py you add

from zope.app.generations.generations import SchemaManager

pkg = 'myapp'

schemaManager = SchemaManager(

and register the manager.

make a realease, this will set the generation to 0

then add your first "evolve1.py" to generations, the manager stays the same - you only have to increase the generation number

regards, bernd

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