Hi everbody,

Okay, first, just to introduce myself, I started learning zope for 2 weeks
nows in the frame of a very small project I have to do. I've read several
documentations, including the first chapters of the Zope book, but i still
have difficulties to get started... I tried for days and i sligthly get
desperated, so your help would be very gratefully appreciated

So I want to make a really simple app:
- A (ZPT) page with a upload form.
- This form would be managed via a python script.
- A operation would be performed on the uploaded file.
- The so-modified file has to be displayed back to the user.
That's it...

So far:
- I've create a now folder at the root of the ZMI.
- I've upragaded it into a site.
- And I've added a new ZPT page with my HTML form in the content view.

But from this point I already got problem with the python script.
I know it seems a realy basic question but...
How should I add into the ZMI a new py script?
At first, I simply expected to have a corresponding choice in the "Add
wizard" from my default package... But the nearest thing i've found it's
just a "generic" file, to wich a add the x-python content type.
It is the correct thing to do?

Once I've successfuly added my script, let's call it "processForm.py", I
just have to write something like:
<form action="processForm">
In my ZPT page... Right?

All comments/suggestions are welcome
Thank you (and sorry for my poor english :-/)
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