On Sunday 18 November 2007, Chris McDonough wrote:
> > 4. A new "minimal/" folder now contains an index just of the
> > controlled
> > packages. This minimal index can be used by compoze as one
> > contributing
> > index. (I have not tested this yet, can anyone try this and report
> > how it can
> > be done?)
> Very cool, thank you!  I'll try this.

Great. I would love to get a little write-up on how to use it, so I can put it 
on the intro page.

> Note that if the KGS really wants to be a KGS (literally "known good",
> it's a matter of semantics, not of technology):

I agree.

> - An invariant must be met that only one version of each package
> should be present in the index.

I disagree. This is not what this means to me. I think a KGS can receive bug 
fix releases, which the Zope 3.4 KGS does. However, no new feature releases 
are allowed.

> - The set is frozen (no packages will be added to or removed from or
> changed).

Yep, I agree. No packages will be added or removed for the Zope 3.4 version of 
the KGS. I will soon add a new Zope-Dev KGS, which is open to new feature 

> The first is true for what we have now neither of the "minimal" set or
> the set you're calling the "KGS".

Right. Note that versions-*.cfg and links-*cfg are frozen. I am probably going 
to freeze minimal/ as have minimal-*/ too. 

> The second I'm pretty sure is not 
> true of the thing you're calling the KGS (it still mirrors the
> cheeseshop regularly), I'm not sure about the intent for the "minimal"
> set.

Well, this is a limitation of the current setuptools system. In buildout I can 
only specify one index, since setuptools can have only one index. So it is 
necessary that I make all packages available in that index and this is what I 
produce as download.zope.org/zope3.4. But I have explained this multiple 
times before, so I am not going to repeat the argument any more. Please try 
buildout and see for yourself.

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