Until now, I was using Zope (3.3) installed from source (on Linux)
without problem.
Actually, I'm trying to discover ZopeProject and other eggs based
distributed packages, which seems to become the default (only ?)
distribution mode for future releases of Zope3.

My problem is simple : I'm currently using the "scheduler" package,
which is using the Twisted framework to handle tasks scheduling. But the
Twisted package is not provided anymore via ZopeProject as it was with
previous Zope3 "big package". So :
 - I've installed VirtualEnv
 - I've installed ZopeProject into it, created and launched a new
application and everything was OK
 - I've tried to add "twisted" in setup.py file generated by
ZopeProject ; but it seems that the package can't be installed via
SetupTools. Should I install it by hand, use "twisted" package provided
by Zope3 or can I use python-twisted packages provided by Debian ?
 - when Twisted is installed, how can I setup my ZopeProject application
so that Twisted web server is used instead of default ZDaemon ?

For my own information, could anyone also tell me what are the benefits
of the different web servers that can be used with Zope3 (Twisted,
ZDaemon...) ??


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