Hi Catonano

> Betreff: [Zope3-Users] third try: containment
> Hello zopers,
> well this is my third try to ask a question, after the first 
> two ones went totally ignored, in the last few days. The 
> second one was quite
> simple: how do I instruct the ftp server to write some lines 
> in the access log ?
> Silence. How comes ? Did I hurt or piss off anyone ? If so, 
> I'm sorry; I'm ready to apologize as soon as someone explains 
> me what I got wrong.

Just try to write shorter mails and you will become more 
response, hopfully.

In general, we are to less people and all have to much work.
It's not your fault, just keep asking. Probably try the
IRC channel, zope3-dev at freenode.

> How is that ? The ZMI takes it correctly when it's about to 
> add content to the shelf, proposing to add a book only, in 
> the left bar, and also, inside the book component, there's no 
> action "add" in the actions stripe. Still, there's the 
> content tab in the views tabs !!
> How is that ?

I have not idea, but try to take a look at the
introspector.html view on the object. There you 
can see the interfaces and adapters. Probably this
will give you a hint about what's implemented and 
provided by what.

You have to set the dev mode flag in zope.conf e.g.
devmode = on

This will bring in the additional introspector.html
view if not allready there.

Hope that helps a little bit.

Roger Ineichen 

> I'm on win XP and Zope 3.3.1
> Thanks so much anyone for any hint !
> Bye
> Catonano
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