I wanted to try the Zope test-recorder on windows (in combination with
Python 2.5). However, I did not manage to install.

Using the 'run' option from within PythonWin gives me an error about the
name '__file__' not being defined; when I try to install from the
command-line the package starts to download zope-security but that in turns
refuses to install because no Visual Studio can be found.

It suggests to try using Cygwin compiler by passing "-c mingw32" on the
commandline however that is not accepted as a valid option - it appears that
I'm quite stuck installing this package!

I can use the command 'build_ext' with this option, however that doesn't
give me an installed package and the 'install' command still aborts with the
same complaint regarding VisualStudio not being installed.

What options are suggested?


--Tim van der Leeuw
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