Chris Withers a écrit :
Chris Withers wrote:
I need "something like" formlib so want to give it a spin.

Is there a good how-to or example anywhere?

Kapil rightly pointed out off-list that z3c.form is the latest and greatest.

Which one is "best" and where do I go for docs/examples?

The main doc is the doctest, you can read it just here:

The second doc is the code of z3c.formdemo.

you will also find some interesting informations here:

But the most interesting source of information is the archive of this list. It's best if you have it localy, otherwise:

If you carefully read all the previous questions asked about z3c.form on the list, you will first save an afternoon discovering why you need to derive IFormLayer in your skin, then another afternoon discovering how to implement an Add SubForm, and probably many others :)

I personnally suggest you to try z3c.form alone first, without any other z3c package. It will progressively help you understand why others are extremely useful (though not mandatory), such as z3c.formui, z3c.layer, and others.




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