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Some answers and some other questions:

z3c.form looks very well thought and extremely customizable, but I find it complicated for some common and simple cases. Does someone have any simple example apart from z3c.formdemo, to get the same result as the ListSequenceWidget and the ObjectWidget in the formlib?

1- The first thing I'm trying to create is a form for a List(value_type=TextLine) field.

I've seen that Markus L. has tried to do such a thing 3 months ago. Did you finally succeed? I'm sure this not complicated for someone who has read the documentation a hundred times during a full week (which is exactly what I'm trying to do...)

2- Then I'm trying to create a form for a single Object field. I've understood that this case should be handled by a subform. So I could create such a thing by using a template for the main form, and a subtemplate for the subform. But then, I've begun using z3c.formui to have a better template for the main form, but now how do I display the subform in the div-based formui template?

I'm also understanding that a subform template is not very different from a form template, and I'm wondering whether this would be possible for the or to be used as a subform by omitting the <form> tag with some conditional tal:omit-tag?

The real final thing I'm trying to do is just a form for a List(value_type=Object(schema=IStuff),
with IStuff being just  made of 3 TextLine fields.
Doing this is quite easy with the formlib, or maybe I got used to it, but I'd really like to be able to do all the same things with z3c.form

For this part I've found a sequence widget in z3c.widget, but I still have to make it work.

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