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On Friday 07 December 2007, Christophe Combelles wrote:
z3c.form looks very well thought and extremely customizable, but I find it
complicated for some common and simple cases. Does someone have any simple
example apart from z3c.formdemo, to get the same result as the
ListSequenceWidget and the ObjectWidget in the formlib?

1- The first thing I'm trying to create is a form for a
List(value_type=TextLine) field.

Yep, this is a good one. When we originally wrote all the widgets, we simply forgot this one. I would welcome a patch. I think you could do much better though and easily come up with a widget that can handle several value types at once, i.e. by using the sub-form framework.

I also think that once you have such a list widget, you can also easily do one for Dict with simple key and value types.

2- Then I'm trying to create a form for a single Object field. I've
understood that this case should be handled by a subform. So I could create
such a thing by using a template for the main form, and a subtemplate for
the subform. But then, I've begun using z3c.formui to have a better
template for the main form, but now how do I display the subform in the
div-based formui template?

This was my problem too. :-) Getting this generically right for a div-based layout is pretty difficult, especially for my CSS skills.

BTW, I am open to include an object widget implementation in z3c.form, but I want to review the code, since I want the object factory selection to be very clean. I could advice anyone interested in doing this work.

thanks for your answers.

The real final thing I'm trying to do is just a form for a
with IStuff being just  made of 3 TextLine fields.
Doing this is quite easy with the formlib, or maybe I got used to it, but
I'd really like to be able to do all the same things with z3c.form

I think you know enough about z3c.form to implement the widgets. Would you want to do that?

I first need to be sure I'm understanding the whole form framework, then I will surely try to implement something because I will increasingly need this kind of widgets. I also don't like to see components or widgets scattered into many packages, and it would be better to have most fonctionalities in a single framework. For instance, I'm wondering why z3c.formui is not z3c.form.ui (or z3c.form.template).

However the immediate thing I'll do now is just go to sleep :)



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