Hello all,

I am using 'zopectl debug' to run a script that imports data into the
ZODB.  This part is working fine.  However, while testing this import
script, I like to delete all the objects I have created so I can test
the script again.  I have been deleting the objects like this:

for i in root['mysite'].keys():

The problem is that this will not delete all the objects.  It only
deletes a portion of them each time I run it, so I must run the loop
multiple times before it will delete everything.  I make no changes to
it, I just have to run the loop 4 or 5 times before root['mysite'] will
be empty.

I have also tried:

for i in root['mysite'].keys():

which has the same result.  Why will it not delete all the items?
Should I be deleting these objects in a different way?

I am using the previous release of grokproject (not the current one),
but I don't think this problem is specific to that.  Please point me in
the right direction if this list is not the appropriate place to ask.

Many thanks,

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