Hi all,

I've been making geographic/GIS applications with Plone and recently
made the time to distill Zope packages with no dependence on Plone. The
one I am most eager to promote is zgeo.geographer


because it seems unfortunate for people to keep reinventing
geospatial/location metadata for Zope/Plone.

To help get people started with the zgeo.* packages, I've made a Grok
project that builds out every dependency and configures every geo
component so that a programmer can build the app, create geo-located
content, and publish it for browsing in Google Maps or Google Earth in a
matter of minutes. Download directions are at


I have the application online at http://zcologia.com/kw/batlas and you
can see it now in Google Maps at http://tinyurl.com/2mamlx.


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